Classic Black Parenting
Mon, May 10 | Virtual Discussion

Classic Black Parenting

Have you ever wondered the difference between Black parents of old and Black parents now? Join in as we discuss Classic Black Parenting.
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May 10, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
Virtual Discussion

About the Event

Understanding the Culture of Black Parents

What's included: e-Book, Workbook, and Online Discussion

• History of black homes - structure and tone • Oppression and anger • Abuse in the home and how husbands/men took their oppressive anger out on the women/wives in the home • Understanding why spankings were incorporated as a form of punishment in the black home; beatings from slave masters became beatings in the home • The level of respect that was demanded in the home and the importance of following instructions to avoid danger - The bass in my voice • Strive and thrive for greatness - how Blacks pushed past the obstacles into success even by selling their ideas • Generations passed down skills to the younger without thought The lessons we learned • The difference between classical Black parenting and modern Black parenting today 1. The History of The Black Home 2. The Whelps On Their Backs 3. Papas Angry and Mamas in The Kitchen 4. A Good Ole Butt Whooping 5. The Bass in Their Voice 6. A Mind To Thrive 7. The Lessons We Learned 8. Old School v New School

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